Surface made from patch changes shape when trimmed

So I have a fairly complex surface made by using the patch command with pts and the created surface is larger than the extants of the pts which usually happens. But I am noticing that when I go to split it or trim it back to the desired size the contours of the surface change. I turned on flat shading so I could see the polygons and it seems that the trimmed surface now has larger polygons than the original.

So what is going on here? The control points seems to be in the exact same place for both objects. Is it a display issue?

If it is a display issue is there an analysis tool to use that will tell me if the new surface has changed shape or it just seems to look different?


It’s a meshing issue. Change the mesh settings under document properties.


Thanks. Seems strange that they visually change. Even by changing the mesh settings they still don’t look the same. but they seem to be the same anyways.

Hi Jeff - if the new trim curves have little loops or other uglies, that can affect how the meshing looks as well.