surface.IsIsoParametric(crv) test not working as expected

Maybe i’m getting wrong the purpose of the command, but it seems that it should detect if a curve is isoparametric of a surface.
Well, if so, it apparently doesn’t work. Even when checking previously extracted isocurves. Prove on the video.

what I’m missing?

In my understanding this method checks if a curve is “equal” to some isoCurve of the surface. Is this correct?

Hi @aitorleceta,

This from the API help:

Determines if a 2d curve is isoparametric in the parameter space of this surface.

The “2d curve” is critical, as this refers to a parameter-space curve. Your curve is just some planar 3d curve.

To create a 2d curve from a 3d curve, use Surface.Pullback.

– Dale

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oh, I was blind! thanks @dale!