How can I make isocurve method work as extractisocurve

How can I correctly get the isocurve on a triangle surface or a trimmed surface?
I have already tried the trimeawareisocurve,but I don’t know why it doesn’t work.

But still, you should use TrimAwareIsoCurve. This function returns an array of curves.
If you can’t get it to work, please post the code that gives problems.

it run as a common isocurve method instead of a trimawareisocurve method.
I wonder if there is another way to use this method.
my input parameter was same as isocurve method.

here’s a screenshot

You should not use a Surface as input, but a Brep everywhere. Only the BRep, as obtained from the document, has the correct trimming information.
The surface that you are using is an untrimmed surface. After you convert it to a Brep, it remains untrimmed.

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thank you for your respond!
your advice did really worked!

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