Surface from curves-others methods

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I have a problem , I have this network curves extracted from a shp file and used along with the plugin urbano.
I need to convert this into a mesh terrain or surface , I have used serval methods listed in the forum such as “patch” or get the points and then “points from surfaces” but nothing happens.

I also come to see about a method using WB ,however I have trouble installing it right now so I would like to know ,please , if there’s an antoher method to do so…

The curves are from urbano plugin and since it won’t be installed for everyone , I baked them and uploaded the file if someone needs it to explain to me or to examine it more closely .

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:slight_smile:bake terrain curves.3dm (260.1 KB) (58.8 KB)

Curves are internalized, no need for Rhino file.

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ETA : Sorry may I ask ,that with this mesh ,is it possible to then convert to a NURBS,or srf ,by using for eg,deconstruct mesh ? cause I’m planning to use “evaluate surface” to get points on it

I’ll be trying this later on.

thank you a ton Joseph ! I’m still learning it , didn’t know about this method

thank you very much,that will help me a lot.

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Well, converting a mesh to a polysurface (brep) is possible but why not use MEval (Mesh Eval) instead? Use the MD Slider to choose a point on the mesh. (76.8 KB)

yeah as I’m still newbie, didn’t know there was a meshevaluate as well so no need for a the brep option !
Thanks for your fast replies Joseph

FYI, the cyan group (below) shows a way of converting a mesh to a surface (not a polysurface): (77.4 KB)


ETA : Hey never mind my post , I actually did in another way using multi-agent system ! thank you

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Thank you for your help so I used this surface to accomplish a test but saddly it didn’t work, I don’t know if I should start a new topic on this one or no …but I’ll explain to you :

the test is about tracing the shortest path according to the steepness of the terrain and it used to work with an old terrain as you can see in this photo
Image1 Image2

the definition uses spiderweb(that’s why I was wondering if I should start a new topic) , however when I replace the surface with the new one(the one created in this topic) ,and use the points gotten from (eval surface) , I end up with an error at the componenet “shortestpathbetweenpoints” as you can see below :

and I don’t know how to fix it , I’m uploading the whole definition in here (the surface you’ve created + the defintion of the path by steepness) , in case someone or you have an idea about it (notice it will require spiedweb)

Take care !
Spiderwebshortestpath by (250.5 KB)