Surface Deformation


I am trying to deform a surface on Rhino. I tried Cage-edit and rebuilt surface and deform using points, but the surface only deform within the area that I moved, which resulted a funny looking surface like the image I attached below. Is there any way I can deform it smoothly?

Hello - it depends on the shape you want assuming you are starting with a plane:
ChangeDegree to 5 by 5
See if that gives enough points to do what you need
Move (judging from your image) only the interior 4 points My guess is you’ll want more point than 6 by 6 so InsertKnot > Automatic > Direction=Both > Symmetrical=Yes (probably, you’ll see) a couple of times - see how that gives you more to work with?


Hi Pascal,

Thanks! That solved my problem. It never occurred to me to decrease the amount of points.