Suggestions for Rhino 7

Dimensions. Is there anyway to centralize all things dimensions. I often find myself going through 3 or 4 tabs trying to figure out where I need to change my dimensions style, size. scale. Often times I’ll change the settings and it stays the the same even though everything I’ve changed is in the Default setting. Maybe there’s an option for simple dimension settings.
Here’s what I do when I need to change something with a dimension,
go to Rhino options
go to Units set up Units and tolerances then Distance display settings, mostly I change the Display persicion. In rhino 5 you could change these settings and then the dimensions would change in real time. This doesn’t happen in Rhino 6, maybe there’s a setting I don’t know about?
when that doesn’t change anything
I check the Annotation styles which usually doesn’t help.
Then I go to properties tab and look at my dimensions in the dimensions tab and that doesn’t help either.
It really would be good for me to have a simplified dimension option in the properties tab and then a more defined dimensions option.

Hello - distance display settings on the DocumentProperties> Units page do not affect dimensions and as far as I know never did. … in V6, this is set per annotation style here:

Does that get at what you’re after?


No it doesn’t.
What I don’t understand is when I go to measure something and get a dimension on a component. If I want to change the size of the dimension or percision of the measurement, in the past I would change one or the other and onscreen all my dimensions would change in real time. This doesn’t happenin Rhino 6 and I have to go back redo all the measurements. I will go in and change what I want and all future measurements will change but not the ones that exist already. And sometime nothing changes. I am at a loss. In the past I didn’t have a problem with this in 4 or 5 but in 6 I don’t understand it.
My comment is to have anything concerning dimension properties in one window or preference tab. Right now since I don’t quite understand it I end up going to 3 different preference settings to figure what I need to change.

That did help, Thank You!
So when I am in Rhino Options what does Units/Models/Layout do? Why have this setting in 2 locations?

From the Help file:

Enable model space scaling

When checked, annotations are multiplied by Model space scale.

For example, when annotation text height is 2.0 mm and Model space scale factor is 0.5, the height of annotation text in model viewports will be 1.0 mm.

Enable layout space scaling

When checked, annotation text and arrows in detail views will display with a static size in Layouts regardless of the zooming ratio of the detail views.

Hello - I guess the main point is that measuring (Distance command or Length) is completely separate from dimensioning and they do not share any precision settings. The precision for length etc is set in the Units page of DocumentProperties, the precision for dimensions is set per annotation style.


Thank You. Can I ask In
“Rhino Options/Units” What does this effect?

Hi Dave - this affects the ‘measurement’ tools like Length or Distance.


What is distance display? In Rhino 5 this is where I would change the precision for dimensions for measuring objects in a model. I get caught up on things like this,
I can be very dense sometimes, sorry about that.

Hi Dave - run the Distance command - the report at the command line is printed to some precision - this precision is set on the Units page; this setting does not affect dimensions.
See what I mean?


I sort of do. I understand Length Units and how that changes the measurement resolution. so my first problem is solved.
I have been changing the Unit settings but I don’t see what it changes.

Hi Dave - I think the confusion is still between measuring and dimensioning - these are two related but different things. The Units page > Display precision setting controls the precision of numbers presented to you in the Rhino UI, like on the command line if you use the Length command.


Thank You for your time explaining this. I am still not super clear but I know and understand more now than I did earlier. Have a good Day.

I think what Pascal means is that Unit affect the model it self, it define the smallest unite you can model in the file. But annotation simply mean how accurate you want other people to know about your model. Does that make sense?

The new “Soft transform” tool should have a color indication showing the radius of the zone that is being transformed. 3D max has a tool like this.
There is a color gradient (blue to red) indicating which vertices will be most affected and to what degree.
Same thing for the select by brush tool.