Suggestions for converting a V7 or previous custom workspace to V8

Yeah, this has changed since V7 and it’s gotten more complicated and confusing (unfortunately).

In Options>Toolbars, press the + button, and choose “Create new file and link”, then browse to a copy of your V7 .rui file.

At least I think that’s how it’s supposed to work, I imported mine before this new crazy containers system was implemented.

I got a message that the file already exists… so I just did “Link to File” and selected my .rui file and it worked… well kind of. I’m glad it at least brought in my buttons, but their names are now just Marcro 05, Macro 07… etc but the name of the button is correct when I mouse over it. some of my bitmap images came over, and some of them didn’t.

I see modifying the image is not as quick and easy as it was in V7



blank button

Yep, and yep…

I’m curious if it’s sufficient to just have a post here about these issues, or is there a more formal bug reporting process to make sure the developers know about things like this.

It should be sufficient to post here. That being said, I do not know if what you are seeing (relative to the macro naming) is related to that system already being broken in V7… and which will not be fixed.

Everything has changed for the WIP/V8, due to a more or less complete system redesign - porting stuff over to ETO so as to be compatible Mac/PC, bitmap icons to vector, and the whole new “container” system which is another whole level of organization that adds flexibility, but also complexity.

I can’t see any difference whatsoever between custom buttons that did import compared to buttons that did not. Making new scalable buttons would be better anyway, and at least my buttons and commands are there now… so that is a huge help.

I like to make custom buttons based on the original Rhino buttons, I just copy it and change the color of it, or modify it slightly, because these buttons are just the same function as the original except, they set up options differently, so I don’t need to select them… so the question is: how can I copy a Rhino button and change the color of it or something simple like that to make a new button?

so I figured out I can export the existing button as an SVG file

Now I need to edit this… hmmm what can I use to edit this SVG file?
I know… I have this super cool program… Rhino… and look, it DOES open and save SVG files… great… let me try that…
ok… I get some options here…

so here it is… now what?
when I select it, it says 4 Surfaces 6 Curves added to selection

but I can’t select an individual surface to change it’s color… it’s acting like a block…
but it’s not a block… I can’t explode it, Explode does explode the 6 Curves into 68 curves, but I still can’t select anything individually… I can’t do anything at all to it. I just want to change the light blue part to light green and save it… and what’s with the Mac there? I didn’t put that there it’s the way it imported the SVG file

So even though I can’t figure out how to change the color, I thought I would just save it anyway just to see if I can import it… so when I do save-as to an SVG file, I get all this:

wow, so what in the world am I going to need to be suitable for a button? why can’t it save with whatever options the original SVG file that I opened were?

Seems like there must be a way to make this work, but just guessing isn’t going anywhere.

I do (did) the same. Also those with normal original macros, just to add a graphic emphasis for better visibility.

The best way forward now is to open the .svg in an illustrator-type program, like Inkscape, Affinity, or even… Illustrator. Make your mods and re-save the .svg and re-import it into the Rhino button.

This assumes you know how to work in illustrator type vector graphics programs. I don’t (yet).

ugggg, I don’t have any of those, I have Rhino. Shouldn’t I be able to use nothing but Rhino for this task? I don’t care to get some completely different program and learn how to use it just to change the color of some buttons. I will never have a use for something like Illustrator.

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Yep, completely understand… There are some free programs out there like Inkscape, but yes, there will be a learning curve.

I’m with you on this one. I don’t like having to go outside of Rhino to create icons either. I’ve been looking at a few options for editing icons, and I’ve tried a few online ones, but its still cumbersome to say the least.

Rhino can do it, we just don’t know the trick to make it work. I would be EXTREMELY disappointed if the developers at McNeel used anything other than Rhino to draw the new scalable buttons in Rhino 8. Rhino can defiantly do everything that needs to be done, why would they use anything else?

I managed to change the color of my exported button.
the reason I could not change anything is because they are part of a group… if I shut off Retain grouping, then I can change things. Also if I just do UnGroup that also does it.
It’s confusing because when you select a group, it just says “selected x objects”, it SHOULD say,
“selected 1 Group of x objects”
Screenshot 2022-12-02 080805

so now I have my green button:

I just need to figure out what SVG options I need when I save it so that it works when I import it back.
Rhino can read the SVG file, I can now change it, there must be a way to save it so that it works.

I agree… I’m still doing my real work on Rhino 7, can’t take a chance on that something will go wrong and I won’t be able to open it in Rhino 7 anymore. This is Work in Progress after all…

Soooo close to getting this to work…
Ok I did a bounding box around the button and found that it was 32mm x 32mm, so I set up some options to try to export it that size:

but how to get the filled in surfaces to be filled in? It knew what they were when it imported it… so I should be able to export it back.

Now I at least have something
Screenshot 2022-12-02 083808

It wants to be there, but no color even though I specified color, and no filled in surfaces

I suppose you could always try the G2 Icon tool - but make sure you’re in a period-as-delimiter setting…



Hi James -

Do you have a colored hatch in there?



It’s colored in Rhino, but not in the Export SVG dialog. It’s a colored outline.
how did you get it to be colored in the Export SVG dialog? I put Vector Output and Print Color also tried Display color

test1.3dm (230.3 KB)

Hi James -

From your file:

Command: '_SelAll
6 curves, 4 surfaces added to selection.

For vector export, you basically only export what you see in a Wireframe viewport; shaded surfaces can’t be exported to vector. You need to create hatches.

Ok Importing as hatches then changing colors of the hatches works

And now… to make a button out of it…

Hey Hey!!! So far So Good!!

Looks good in button editor !!! almost there!

Here it is in the toolbar…
Argggg… why is this here?? where’s my pretty green button?

both the light and dark versions looked great in the macro library… why didn’t it update the toolbar?

It’s something to do with editing a button in a toolbar that came from a V7 rui file. if I make a new button, my image works great!

The original from the imported V7 rui is 3rd in 2nd row, the new button from scratch in V8 is last one at bottom. not sure why it has a black background, but at least it did work!

Yay, button edited with nothing but Rhino… as it should be


I wonder if you can save the image with a transparent background?