Subsurface is invalid because the trimming U-domain is singular

I am trying to create a parametric surface and my building is more than one surface so when I do it for the first surface it works but on the rest of them not working (the problem with isotrim )
can anyone help me please, (57.7 KB)

Parametric.3dm (448.9 KB)

You have to internalise data: rightmouse button -> internalise data

thanks for your answer but it is not working.
I used Graft in the input of the isotrim and iths work but faling in plan any solutions?

Internalise data is just for storing data (breps, surface, curves etc.) in the grasshopper file.
Right now there is no data for us to work with.

I can’t understand you, what should i do now ?
I intersalised the data already but it not works
when I try to change the input of isotrim to Graft it works
but i have problem with plan (1. Data conversion failed from Surface to Plane).

Post the grasshopper file with internalised data here, so we can have a look.
I don’t know what’s going on at the moment.

that file in the top of the first attempt and this is last attempt (140.6 KB)

There is still no internalised data. You could also post the 3dm file. (100.5 KB)

thanks very much, you just added the “is planar”, did you?