SubDs: How to connect overlapping geometry at intersections?


which tools should I use to join overlapping SubDs at their intersections?

Or I am totally on the wrong party? :wink:

how_to_join_overlapping_subd_cylinders.3dm (50.1 KB)




If there is overlap like that and not a gap to cross, Bridge probably won’t help. We may have a new command for merging SubD that overlap but I can’t say when or if that will land in the WIP, it’s called Fuse right now and @DanielPiker is looking into it. In fact you might want to use SubDThickenCurves in this case with polylines as input. Then you’ll get one SubD with all three sections at once.

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try this- add a few edges, delete a few faces then stitch it all together-

how_to_join_overlapping_subd_cylinders_demo.3dm (212.2 KB)

but as brianJ mentioned, SubDThickenCurves is a better option here-

Hi Brian,

I hope for Fuse. I’ve tried to boole the control mesh, but I’ve got a mess.

SubDThickenCurves is nice, but I have three problems with it:

  1. I get these bulges at the connections (seams to be a general SubD restriction/feature/thing).
  2. cross sections have polygons with only 4 lines, which makes the cylinder shape a little eggy.
  3. Radius can’t be changed for different lines



Hi Kyle,

making holes and bridge seams to work always.



flip to box mode (tab key) and look for points out of line… clean box mode= clean smooth mode

yep! think about your model like post it notes…

Rather how would you build it if all you had was squares of paper that stuck together at the edges. That’s exactly how to sub d model. I have even taken post it notes and used them to figure out a complicated topology layout… but in the end it’s all squares! (ok a few triangles and ngons here and there, but mostly squares)

Yes, modeling with just squares seams to become the new habit. :wink:

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There are no triangles in your model!

Not a long job.


Hi Inju,

thank you, this looks very nice.

Take care


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