Subd union with smooth trasition between meshes

I’ve read here on the forum that something like that is planned in Rhino 7. I`m not sure if I understood it well. Is that planned?

yes - see the discussion here:

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Sorry for doubling the thread. It looks awesome.

Will it work on cases like this:

I mean with creased edges (additional edge loops). All shown cases have all polygons in similar size. I`m curious what if union models will have tight edge loops (big difference in polygons sizes). Will it work?

For sure the results are nicest when the objects being fused have similar sized faces around where they meet. I think in some cases one might want to subdivide the coarser one first to get them closer.
Otherwise it should still give a result, just with some more stretched faces


Maybe those examples with tight edge loops may be freezed on level 3 or 4 and then it`s still subd mesh but there is a more polygons to work with.

I hope there will be also some nicer blend option.

It`s Mesh Fusion in Modo (mesh is freezed to non-subd mesh after operation so it is not possible to do that operation once again):

mesh_fusion .

Even without those blends it looks awesome. Modo can’t do it with preserving original subd mesh. Modo also can`t do that operation twice (after operation subd mesh is broken). Nice thing.

Very cool Daniel! I noticed yesterday that the subdivide command ‘meatbolizes’ a cube. Do we have a ‘subdivide faceted’ command in Rhino/GH. If not, we really need one to do this indestructibly.