SubD treatment with RhinoScripts?

hi @Dale,

Is there any strategy of how SubD objects will be handled with existing RhinoScript methods?
I see some analogy with when Extrusions were introduced and it took 5-6 Rhino 5 service releases to iron out problems and eventually they ended up being treated as Breps and working with all brep methods, unless specifically needed by object type. So I was wondering what the plan for SubDs is - just quickly testing a few scripts and they seem to be pickable as Polysurface but then they fail on further operations (which I did not investigate in detail).



They seem to have the same behaviors of meshes (and in fact have an underlying mesh). You could just use a mesh or extract the subD mesh, do stuff, and output back as subD.

hi Michael, thanks, good to know.
My questions is specifically for existing RhinoScript (VBscript) methods set. It was prompted by the script I was trying that specifically allows only Surfaces and Polysurfaces to be selected and it allowed SubD objects (but not Mesh objects), but failed later on. That’s why I am trying to figure out what the strategy is and possibly plan in advance for my published plugins and our in-house toolset to cooperate.