Subd Network

Hello everyone,
I organized the data tree for the curve network well. But, I couldn’t get a subd from a curve network. Do you have any idea, how I can build subd from the attached curve network? (24.6 KB)


Did this thread not help understand how to do this: Making Surface from curve network - #15 by Tom_P

why not keep everything in one topic ?
i answered there:

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I thought, it was in rules. If the topic is too long in one thread and there is a new question, then make a new thread. Therefore, I gave the link in another thread. But, it doesn’t matter. If the other thread is enough, then you can delete this one :slight_smile:

The best way to move to SUBD is to have a network of quad faces. This can be done by modeling them or using the QuadRemesh command.

You could potentially create a set of surfaces, then quadremesh them to a subD. Normally this will result into a model that is editable, but may be a bit more complicated than a model by hand.