SubD J3-CUB Propeller

2020 J3-CUB Propeller FSS 20 using SubD and Rhino7 WIP

Far back in time, I try Catmull Clark subd surfaces. Because of the nature of SubD is not possible to make an exact surface, just a fast approximation, so it is good for game development. I think I used it first in an Indy Alias5. I always prefer NURBS surfaces over SubD (because is not in the second degree).

I try this tool in 3D Max and Blender. But when Rhino 6 SubD came out (around 2018), I did not resist. This is My First SubD object in Rhino 7 WIP. Now, here in the portfolio.

I was texturing and rendering in Substance Painter. I used an i7 2gen 2600K OC and an NVIDIA GTX 1080Ti.

This propeller is just for game development, not RC or real use. The airfoil is close to the original, with the correct twist, but not the exact shape. Using SubD you can never get the exact shape. But it’s super awesome for getting a fast, good volume and includes two levels of detail LOD.

Having the wood and color match the airfoil shape in this object is very important because the wood layer tells you the actual airfoil shape and twist.

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Nice modeling!

I see some small teeth on the tip of the propeller. was the knurling for a technical purpose or it was created unwanted?

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Thank you for the keen observation!

I’m quite proud of how the shape turned out, especially given the minimal points I used. The “teeth” effect you noticed was intentional, the result is NOT from the extreme surface deformation, though it might resemble antialiasing issues or a low-resolution texture at first glance. Given the vast surface area of both blades, the 4K texture resolution pixel density was stretched to its limits. I incorporated scratches on the metallic leading and trailing edges to evoke a sense of wear and tear. In hindsight, to maximize the texture detail, it might have been more efficient to create UVs for just one blade and then mirror it. But hey, every project is a learning experience, right? This was a quick one, but the journey was invaluable.

UV mapping rendering