(SubD From Mesh) And Mesh From SubD

is there way to to Meake MeshFromSubD And the results
SuBDFromMesh the Topology of First SubD
SubdfromMesh.gh (12.7 KB)
(Number Of Face And Creased Edge,…SmoothEdge) doesn’t Cahnge?
in this example

First var A = Mesh.CreateFromSubDControlNet(x);
Then   B= SubD.CreateFromMesh(A);

But in results The Crease Edge removed!
{I am developing a plugin for the subd that I need to be fixed in this topology process}

i think need Add this Api for exmple :slight_smile:

    A = Mesh.CreateFromSubD(subd, Rhino.Geometry.SubDDisplayParameters.CreateFromMeshDensity());

for SubD To Mesh *At SubdEdge And Subd Corner(Crease Or Smooth and FaceCount)
Dear developler please Add it :point_up_2: thanks.
in fact Add this Api to C# :point_down:

Did you look at this post

In this post there is a solution to make corners at points.
I hope it helps