SubD Feature Request - Knife tool

A couple of requests for the SubDs. These would make life much easier using the SubD tools.

  1. A knife tool to cut through faces…and not just one at a time but as many as can fit under a ‘rubber band’ cut. And multiple cuts without having to activate the tool after each cut.

  2. A Weld Vertices by selecting a vert and dragging to another resulting in an automatic weld. And continue to have the tool active until one has welded as many as needed. The current tool requires too many clicks.



how would you keep from making triangles or ngons with the knife tool? (or do you not care about that?)

that weld functionality sounds cool- how would you handle multiple points being welded?

you can script this by adding

stitch pause pause second

to the current stitch tool- you can repeat it with a right click or spacebar tap

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Thanks for the reply Kyle.

Not an issue making Tris nor Ngons. A little editing to clean this up so as to make polys out of the edits. Very useful for adding in SubD detail.

I think it would work to have two vert weld tools. One to drag and and weld - one to do it as things are for multiples.

I’m no expert in poly modelling or Sub-D NURBS but from my experience with both Rhino and Blender I agree with both commands being useful. The InsertPoint command works nicely to cut things, but the name is absolutely stupid and it doesn’t allow you to click, click, click, you have to do one point to one point, then another point to another point in a second command. This could work like a version of a knife tool but that you can only click vertices.

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I would want it to be able to cut through a face where-ever you wish. And multiple faces in one cut if needed. Snapping to Verts - if one wanted to narrow the range of the cut and only have it cut through existing vertices.

If you want it to behave exactly as Blender behaves and not be more CAD-like then why not just use Blender which has knife and then import it into Rhino and covert the mesh to sub-D? Blender is free.

If that is a workflow you enjoy using then by all means continue to do so. Good to have options.

I personally like being able to work within one environment without jumping around.


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keeping commands active you can do with * infront of your command that will autorepeat it till you cancel out. you can also use the command repeat and enter the command you want to repeat, i never use that though * is fine for most cases i think.

but i agree a knife tool would be superhelpful, often insertpoint as pointed out just does not cut it at all.

@theoutside the tracker is not public.

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I suppose that might contain information that is not meant to be public - @BrianJ would have to decide on that.

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Ok it does actually work like this. I think I had vertices snap turned on and it seems like I could only click on vertices.

he just clicks on the edges of the subdfaces, that does not help in replacing a proper knife which allows you to make incisions exactly where you need it.

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Yep, that report/request is not public but it reflects what is being asked for here. I have pinged the dev to bump the request.

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If the last few steps in your gif are there to split the SubD into 2 pieces, you could save a couple of steps by using the _Split _EdgeLoop command (or _UnweldEdge then _Explode for a different selection flow)

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Only there is no saving in a couple of steps.