SubD - Add to ActiveDoc

I’m strugling with adding a specific SubD to the activedoc by means of c#. (I’m trying to load some helper geometries / templates from a collection in a user interface, and want to use the readfile function, and add them to the active document). I ended up being able to read the file, but adding the subd by using “ActiveDoc.Add” or “ActiveDoc.AddSubD” returns an empty GUID.

I can recreate the problem with a small grasshopper snippet, please find attached. Inserting the mesh directly into the component and letting the component convert to SubD works, but inserting it like the screenshot, by the means of the SubD create component, doesn’t work.

Am I missing something trivial here?

subd (5.4 KB)

subD |690x444

Hi @nSize,

This is a bug. I’ve logged the issue.

Thanks for reporting.

– Dale


RH-64960 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 11 Release Candidate

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