Sub D help

Hello sub d users,

Is there a way to replace these curvy 'V’s with straight edges?

Maybe using command Insert point to subD to define the new edges and delete the ones you don’t want

No, not really, that’s how SubD works. But if you are really keen on straight lines then you have to continue from the tip (toe?) and to the left with the same number of patches all the way.

have to extend the edges that are causing the pinches, Typically you can ngon off geometry like you have here, but it does cause some wonk that you have to handle…either move it to a flatter area, or extend the edges so that the ngons happen farther back in the model in a place where they cause less distortion.

I’d recommend looking at your box mode too, and insure that your control cage edges are nice and smooth.

clean box mode = perfect smooth mode.