Sub-d bridge smoothness/height control

Hi McNeel Sub-d wizards :slight_smile:
I would love to have more control over the sub-d bridge command’s “straightness” - particularly, I would love to be able to go even lower than the current 0 - see attached screen dump. I have absolutely no understanding of what goes on under the hood, so might not be possible. I realize, that it can be fixed manually in seconds, but it would be nice to be able to hit the right blend numerically and OOTB.
TIA, Jakob

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Hi Jakob, I see that, thanks.


Hi Pascal,

T-Splines had a very useful option for bridge that was “FollowCurve”. See screenshot below. Similar setup, two pipes that need to be bridged. You can see the orange curve through the model. The bridge follows this curve roughly. By playing with the number of segments you can get the bridge to follow the curve more closely.


RH-56274 is fixed in the latest WIP