Stripunrolled not behaving

Hi @pascal I’ve got an old script of yours that I find very useful. It’s now throwing up a type mismatch error and I’m afraid my VB skills are non existent. Could you have a look please?

Thanks, Steve StripUnrolled.rvb (734 Bytes)

Hi Steve- it works here in my test - if you can send me a surface where it fails, I’ll see if I can figure it out. If it is a drag and dropper, and the error is on Line 1, that means, usually anyway, that the script is not loaded into memory- drag and drop again and see if that works.


Hi Pascal,
Thanks for looking at it
It’s loaded. I’m getting:

Error: Type mismatch in parameter. String Required.
Line: 17
Char: 2
This is latest build 64bit

Hmm- can you post a Rhino file with a surface that does not work?



Hi Pascal,

Simple cylinder unrolled in the attached file. And here is the error message I get

Thanks, Steve

Looks like RhinoObjectNames() is now returning Nulls for objects without a name, I don’t know if that was the case earlier. So we just need to filter out the unnamed objects first…

StripUnrolled.rvb (947 Bytes)


Many thanks Mitch. That did the trick.