stReport with XYZ coordinates - table of offsets

I’m wondering if it would be possible to enable the stReport (generate section report) function to be developed to produce a CSV that included the coordinates of strategic points on the section curves? These points would specifically be the ends of curves and where they intersect with other sections.

What I’d like to achieve with this is a table of offsets from a 3D surface model of a boat hull shape that may be given to an old school boatbuilder to loft from.


I’d appreciate any thoughts or advice on this.

I’m attaching a model with sections and a layout and also a couple of CSV files showing roughly what I’d like to populate.

thanks in advance

Surfboat_SECTIONS.3dm (4.5 MB) Surfboat_SECTIONS.pdf (1.2 MB)
table_offsets.txt (369 Bytes) table_offsets_FRANCE.txt (1.2 KB)

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already offers this

Are there any NEMO tutorials or manual? I downloaded but can’t seem to do much with it.

As @jodyc111 says

It would save loads of banging my head against the keyboard if there were just one or two tips out there!

This plugin look amazing and does everything I want and more, and it’s free!

Mathieu Venotmat.venot


Aug '18

Hello Guys !

I would like to share with you my Grasshopper plugin for Ship Design called Nemo !

Awaiting for McNeel approval, it should be available on Food4Rhino page soon. You can already check the Grasshopper Group where you will find all informations and external links.

In the meanwhile, join the group and share / like / follow the Facebook / Linkedin pages if you are interested !

See you soon,

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Thanks again @JoergH

all downloaded and just hoping the grasshopper logic/knowhow is less elusive than it appears. I have tried some beginner grasshopper tutorials and am still baffled by Nemo.


First of all, thanks for your interest regarding Nemo !

I’m aware a user guide is needed. Nemo’s first version (1.0b) was released with but, unfortunately, I didn’t had time yet to update it for the 1.1b. I’ll try to add it to the Food4Rhino page in the next months, depending of my free-time left…

Also, for now, Nemo includes one big file containing all the examples (in UserObjects/Nemo/Examples/ and .3dm). This file can be quite long to open (1 or 2min depending of your machine). If time free I have, I’ll try to separate examples by categories as it was in Nemo 1.0b.

Anyway, some Grasshopper skills are required indeed. If you want some good references and tips, you can start by having a look on theses links :

Best regards,

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Thanks @mat.venot

Hi @mat.venot,

when you get a chance to write up some guidance, i’d really appreciate the help. I’ll leave Nemo for the moment as I can’t decipher which breps correspond to which surface and the 3dm file appears to be locked on one layer somehow. I look forward to using the Nemo.



So I’ve managed to use a Nemo component in #grasshopper, which was very exciting, to assemble some lines. But I’ve not managed to output any data. Would anyone be able to give me a push in the right direction from here?
Many thanks

Thanks for this information. It is useful

Point coordinates can be exported directly to a .txt file.
Select the points (SelPt may be useful)
Select Point (*.txt) as the type
Select the desired format and options.

Sorry for the delayed answer.
Please find attached an example file to generate Offset Table.
Keep in mind that this tool have not been tested until now, so feel free to report any wrong behavior.

Nemo_OffsetTable.3dm (384.1 KB) and (443.0 KB)
Best regards,

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Excellent. I’ll try it tomorrow. Thanks @mat.venot

Hi Mathieu, I do your example and it worked but with my hull I can not do that and I have many errors.KCS_hull_SVA.3dm (399.6 KB)
I want many sections and offset table in x,y and z direction and send that to excel.
i do that by this GH file but yours is better if work for me.
for (21.2 KB)

thanks for your help.

Hi a.mazloom72,

I noticed that your surface appears not to be oriented correctly and there are multiple surfaces with naked edges. You need to have a single surface for each side, or for both sides, I think.

See if this GH file works for you: (446.2 KB)

My GH file doesn’t have the same units as yours I think, but it gets close. The data it exports to excel is tricky to decipher. I hope you manage to work it out. If you get good offset tables, please let me know as I’d like to refine that aspect too.

Hello A Mazloom72,

As Giles explained, Nemo needs a single joined polysurface to work well.
The KCS, DTMB, ONRT and similar study hulls are a mess to work with, but I finally got one polysurface by redesigning some patches (not perfect, be careful and double check or redesign correctly the model if you need something more precise).

See theses files : KCS_hull_SVA.3dm (1.6 MB) + (442.6 KB)