Strange twist on a Flowed surface

Hey, I’m trying to model a cable for a table lamp but I can’t get Flow to correctly follow 3d curve. Is there any way to produce random-ish cable?

You can see in the image the original straight twisted cable, then 2d and 3d path and then resulting cables: 2d is correct but boring, 3d has a strange twist.

Thank you, guys.

If I recall correctly, Flow has a problem (bug) with vertically oriented objects. If you run the straight twisted cable horizontally, does it work better? --Mitch

Nope, it still twists at the same point. I believe it happens because the destination rail is not a 2d curve, but I have no idea how to solve it.

I might try a sweep one rail. Place a few profiles along the way to give it some ‘organic randomness’ and it should work OK.


Thank you, it worked!


Sweet momma! Damn good news.