Rhino 7 Material Preview is Black

Using Rhino v7

Specifically: (7.4.21078.1001, 2021-03-19)

When I create a new material, the material preview window is completely black if I have the Cycles device set to Cuda or Optix. ( Render engine is Rhino Render )

If I right click on the preview and rotate it, the preview works until I stop the rotation. Once I stop, the preview goes black again.

If I have the Cycles device set to CPU, this behavior is not seen.

Think it’s a Rhino bug or an Nvidia driver issue ?
( I’m leaning towards the latter, but curious if anyone else has seen this )

CPU: AMD 3970x
GPU: Nvidia 4090 ( Studio Driver - 537.42. Updated to 537.58 and problem persists )

Edit: Thought Optix was also working but, alas, it is not. Only setting Cycles for CPU does the material preview window work. It should be noted that even with CPU set as the Cycles device, the Preview Window is Black on initial creation of the material, but once I rotate it and Cycles does its thing, then the preview appears to work as expected.

Hi James -

I’d at least update to the current (7.34.23267.11001).

The latest 7.34 is able to compile kernels for CUDA/OptiX when a GPU architecture is used for which there isn’t a precompiled kernel binary. Older Rhino 7 versions like 7.4 were not capable of doing that.


I noted I had not seen an update for Rhino for some time so I jumped into the " Updates and Statistics " tab and noted an error message of:

" The McNeel update service is unavailable "

Which explains why I haven’t seen any updates lately.

I confirmed the update service was running ( it was ) and decided the easiest fix was to simply re-download and install it. ( Happily, it didn’t bork up my 3D mouse or KeyShot setup in the process :stuck_out_tongue: )

Latest version, as you both suspected, seems to have fixed my preview problem.

Much thanks :smiley: