Store 'last received' data (when component is disabled)


quite a fundamental question:

Is there a way to ‘store/freeze’ the ‘latest’ received data?

e.g. when I disable a component, still get the ‘last received’ data as output?

Metahopper has an ‘internilize’ component, the only thing here is that it ‘disconnects’ the component, meaning when there is new data to retrieve (e.g. when component is enabled) there is no connection any more to the original component.

2022-01-11 Remember Last Received (8.4 KB)

Any suggestions?


Data Dam component does something similar to what you’re looking for, but you must click the play button in order to store its input data:

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Ahh thanks for your reply!

Indeed, Data dam which can be controlled with a boolean would be the solution…

If you have any other suggestion, just let me know!

Thanks again!