Take value

hallo, I want to ask a question

how do I take that value?

because if I run the value will disappear so I want to retrieve the value just now
thank you if you want to help

You can try with Data Recorder.

thank for your response but data recorder after I try the data will also be lost

Hm…maybe to graft the output of recorder?

it seems like I’m still trying for it

maybe use a number component, then right click on it “internalise data”?
It gets disconected but it keep the value inside. Is that it?

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what kind of number components ??


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thank you but instead the component cannot retrieve the value automatically?

thank youuu

As @Jakinta said, a data recorder seems to be better.

have alook at this, might be useful for you?

StoreValue.gh (8.1 KB)

thank you but what I don’t mean is what I mean, because the value that I took only displayed a few moments and I want to take that value, the value changes quickly

What makes the value change?
What are you going to do with the value further on?
Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, perhaps having a pen and paper close by might be the easiest thing?

Unless you change something, the data shouldn’t change. With the same technique within the post 10 you can scroll back to earlier data. So even if it changes, it shouldn’t worry…

thanks for the reply, i already find out the answer

thanks for the reply, i already find out the answerr