Stone wall

I’m trying to simulate a stone wall.
In my definition in saltamosnte I find a problem at the end, when I want to make the “Patch” of the set of modified voronoi tiles.
If I go through the list using a slider, the patch is correctly formed, but when I apply a serious one the result is not what I expected.
Attached some images and the file in saltamosntes.
From already thank you very much!muro de (20.3 KB)

I am not rally sure of your problem, but double graft could help !

And if you want more noise

With more points

muro de (16.0 KB)


hello Laurent Delrieu

It’s exactly what I needed and more!
I have doubts about the use of the “graft” parameter and its relationship with trees. Where can I read about its use?

I thank you for the time you have taken!

You could read more here :

If you can code basically DataTree could be see like a “For”.“For” each branch do something…