STIX criteria

Hello,I have intalled Rhino6 and Orca3D . I can’t run Stix Criteria, is it a function already avalaible ?Thanks for your help.

OrcaSTIXCriteria command. I don’t see it in a menu.

Orca help: Look for “STIX” in the table of contents or search for “STIX”.

Thank you.

Hi, I have find this page but when I run Stix criteria, I have always this message:
“One or more hydrostatics failed.”
With all the hulls i have designed or from the"Orca hull assistant. The stability curve is always ok.
Thank you for your help.
Jean-Francois ANDRE from France.

Hello Jean-François,

Stéphane DARDEL here at NDAR, France.
It would be useful to be able to examine your model to understand better the condition. Can you share it with me?
But even better, can I offer to look at the issue in details with you by web meeting? Would Monday 10th, at 10.00 be a good moment? If ok I’ll send a Teams invitation to your e-mail address.
(Of course French language can be supported…)
Please let me know

Hi Jean-Frances,

If you and User 2870 do that web meet, could you include me as well? I am a long time Rhino3D and Orca3D used and had frankly never even noticed the STIX feature until seeing this thread.