How to import ISO rules for the stability criteria and calculation

That may feel easy for you but it’s an issue for me. how do you import the ISO standard for the stability ? I am using also Maxsurf and it’s easy(er) to check the stability criteria. How can I do to have the same simplicity ? I hate to export the model in max surf and wasting time. sorry guys I am not a geek then easy english please :wink: thx

Not sure this is what you are looking for. From Orca3D V2 Help

10.10 STIX Calculation

The OrcaSTIXCriteria command does an ISO 12217-2 STIX calculation and
creates a report. This calculation calculates the 6.4 Minimum Righting
Energy value and category, the 6.5 Angle of Vanishing Stability value and
category, and the 6.6 Stability Index (STIX) factors, values, and design

p 289:

thanks I will have a look and hopefully that can help.

How to set-up stability criteria in Orca3D V2 is covered in Part XI of the Help, pp 291-316. I’m not aware of any preset ISO stability criteria other than what the STIX calculations provide.
p 289:

Because of the large number of different stability criteria sets around the world, and the fact that they are continually being updated, it’s not practical for us to provide built-in criteria sets and make sure that they’re up to date. So instead we have focused on making it easy for the user to define, save, and update their own.

If you send an email to I can send you two example criteria sets (ISO and CFR) that you can import. Please note that these are just intended as samples and we make no guarantees as to their accuracy or them being current. But they should help you to get started.

thanks it is the next step to open a ticket with orca :wink:
I do know it s a lot of criteria, as I said with max surf stability you do have a lot preset, ISO small yacht, large yacht, sailing, motor, cat… RINA, and so on

Bhays is Bruce Hays who is one the principals at Orca3D.

Know him already thx