Still need to be able to change colours of polysurface faces

uhm, @stevebaer,

What’s happening here?

using this build (rhino_en-us_7.0.20107.04575)

Something isn’t getting the referenced face ids correct. Do you get the same results using TestSetPerFaceColor instead of using the properties panel?

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No, that seems to work fine.

Good to know. Thanks for clarifying.

@JohnM you may want to check this out. Looks like the properties panel may be getting the wrong component ids for setting colors.

This was just fixed via


Please add Use face color as an option to the Display Modes’ Surface Isocurve color usage.


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I wish there are a lot more options there.

Hello - thanks, added as
RH-58693 Display mode color addition


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What color would you expect the edge wires to be drawn with? Take an example where there are two adjoining faces with per-face colors set (one red and one blue). The edge color would still be the object’s color. Is that expected?

Yes, keeping edges the object color seems reasonable. With the requested option, only the internal isocurves should display the face colors.

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Does the TestSetCannedFaceColors overwrite your previous custom colors? If so, it would be nice to get a temporary random colored face option as well.

TestRandColor already exists, so it would be nice if it could get options for Polysurfaces and Blocks, something like RandomizePolySurfaceFaces=Yes and RandomizeBlockContents=Yes options for single/multiple colors per subobject (if I’m using the terminology correctly here) in polysurfaces and blocks…

In my opinion (as seen in other software as well) the wire color should be per object, though still be able to be different from the said object color.
Meaning the edge of a surface should be set for that surface, but if that surface is joined with another to create a polysurface. You no longer control the edge of the surface only the edge of the polysurface. It is arguable if it should only the naked edge of the polysurface or also color each sub-surface’s edge, anyways if it is a single object (polysurface/brep) it should only have one color for its edge(s). Not talking about isocurves here.

So this is in the beta now apparently, and I’m starting to see it on imported objects.

However, I don’t always want this. And RemovePerFaceColors seem to leave the face color on iso curves:

Is that a bug or am I missing something?

(Also, it does look weird on some imported objects…)

That sounds like a bug. I’m not able to repeat the bug with some simple tests here so I need some help figuring out how to repeat this.

Sorry, I can’t repeat it either now… and I save the above file as a V6 file, so now when I load it again, everything looks normal.

(Sidenote: It’s a small PCB from a customer, which is the first time I’ve seen something bring Rhino to its knees. When I edit that block, I get about 10fps, compared to smooth sailing before I imported it. I mean, I have entire boats in Rhino, with everything short of their electrical system, yet this tiny PCB is somehow heavier…)

Not related to the issue being discussed, but on the subject of changed colour on polysurfaces, I did discover this:

Just thought it might be worth mentioning.



Thanks, I logged the bug at

RH-61137 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate