Starting to use macros and shortcuts. What's "_" and "!" for?


I’ve never really gotten why commands have underscore before them, seeing as it’s fine just typing commands in plain text.

Preset keyboard shortcuts also have an exclamation mark, a space, and an underscore before the command- for example ! _Split

I’ve gotten by, by removing the ! in keyboard shortcuts.

I’ve started reading about macros, and there’s got to be some use of ! and _
Why are they there and what do they mean?

Thankful for any help.

Hello - please see-


Thank you, it’s weird that I didn’t see this on the McNeel wiki. Maybe this is a better source of information.

Hello - this is from the standard Rhino Help.


For those reading the thread…

The underscore tells Rhino to use the English command name so the macro will run even in a different language.

The exclamation mark is the equivalent of tapping Escape so the macro will interrupt any Command that might be running.

I just realized I cannot type ! in rhino.

System language is english but keyboard layout is swedish.
Every other character works, but not the exclamation mark (which should be shift+1)

Hi - I see that here on my Norwegian keyboard but I guess that might be by design.
There’s no real reason to type that character before a command unless you are constructing a macro.

When you are in a command, you will see that hitting Shift1 will cancel the command that is running. This means that the Rhino command line is, in fact, receiving the character but not displaying it on the command line.

Alright, so should work fine when doing macros.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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