Starting a new transaction is not permitted (Add Geometry DirectShape)


The same runtime errors appears continuously.
I found a solution which is not useful.
Does anyone can give advise to me?

My goal was to make many masses in Revit by using RIR.
First I created many masses in the Rhino and then transfer that info to Revit by using "Add Geometry DirectShape).

Before Solution exception:Starting a new transaction is not permitted. It could be because another transaction already started and has not been completed yet, or the document is in a state in which it cannot start a new transaction (e.g. during failure handling or a read-only mode, which could be either permanent or temporary).

My Solution:
Simply create a new document.
It is not useful because I have to make entre script again.


Do you have any Python component on the Grasshopper canvas?

Hi kike,

Yes there was Python component for Workset which has a same warning issue.
I deleted it and use trigger for the Add geometry DirectShape.
Then the problem was solved.

Hi, see here about using the python button to open and close transactions. You need a trigger to avoid multiple transactions happening at once. The trigger would be set to False until you need to initiate the button, and then set back to False after that button has been run.