Square-bridge-square design

Hey guys,
I though I could publish a project made in Rhino (inc. drawings) that I’d done in the university. It’s a bridge and public space design.

Hope you like it!

I have to thank @clement for his amazing positioning script and textures.com for providing loads of useful textures for free.


Very nice. Straight & clean renderings.:+1:


Hi Jonish,

Thanks for sharing. For me they give a slightly eerie feeling. More akin a piece of art than a persuasive architectural presentation.
Don’t get me wrong, I like it and it feels inline with your profile picture. It’s the choice of lighting and sky, the extreme perspective and lack of dynamic in composition. The scenes are devoid of life or frivolity, making the last image with pool chairs and the single person far away surreal rather than a depiction of a possible reality.

I think you have an outspoken style, be aware of it and use it at your advantage!


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Love the style, but love the design even more! Super clean yet freindly, massive yet elegant. Well done!

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Hello Willem,
Thank you for the useful feedback. I admit that I consulted raw renders with my friend from visualisation studio who proposed to add a coherent story with people and matching weather. Then I got lazy and decided to go for these post-apo lifeless pictures. (Also because so far, I never got people right in my previous images. :neutral_face: ) Regarding the perspective, I wanted to fit as many features into single images as possible but I stick with normal focal length like 25-50 mm. The only perspective I find extreme is the one of a square with a horse.

You should see the whole book, it’s beautifully printed. Total fetish.

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Which render Engine did you use?


Hi ERahjes,
We only have vRay 2 on our faculty. If you’re interested in raw renders, you can find them here, below the ultra-long text in gibberish: http://jomoprpr.blogspot.cz/2017/01/autorska-zprava-rendery-pro-postprodukci.html

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at the time i render my models with Flamingo; but i think VRAY is the next inves i do.:slight_smile: It would be interessting how the model looks with Flamingo. If you are interessted, you colud share the model and textures and i would render it with Flamingo.

Greets Eike