SQLite in C#

Hi all,

how can i use SQLite in C#?
Or how do i have to add the sqlite.dll assmebly to the c# script component…so i can type.
Using System.Data.SQLite etc.?
In python it is already there…import sqlite3 but not in c#

any help is welcome

In C# grasshopper component right click on component then choose manage assemblies and add the dll.
Then in the script after the [using]… greyed add
Using sqlite.dll;

Thanks…but unfortunatly i have no idea which download is the right one.
This one seems not to work.

What is the message in the balloon ?

Thanks for help

I wonder if you don’t better need the .NET

And type that

i downloaded the nudget package and reference to these dll in the c# assambly manager and got system.data.sqlite.

it works as expected