Sponges, bones, foam

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Thank you! that is very kind of you, HS Kim. I am going to try your suggestion now.

Excellent! that works. Thank you again. Now: two more questions, (1) How do you make the “septa” (columns outlining a central space) round, rather than flat as it is in your definition? (2) Is there a way to construct a gradient based on the size of the holes. e.g., attached is a cross section through a bone. The distal cells are smaller than the more central cells.

oops, now I do not know how to attach a file (even though I did it yesterday!).

sorry, Birk, I do not understand what you are saying

My error - I replied to the wrong message.

yes, but now I received a message to the effect that my post was flagged and was hidden. I am new here. Could you please tell me what I did wrong? and if it was your error correct it please?

Unfortunately I’m not sure what’s gone wrong. What I did was post a response using my cellphone to what I thought was a message from someone else. But when I went back and reviewed the actual forum I saw that I posted it to you instead of the person to whom I intended it to go. It is not clear to me how that happened, but it did.

So I deleted the posting to you and reposted it to the correct person - who I know received it. I have no idea why your original post has been flagged, and I also don’t know what to do about that. What I’d suggest is you repost your message, but change the wording & title a little so it doesn’t get flagged as a repost of an existing message.

In general this forum works well. I’m sort of guessing that a cellphone should only be used for reviewing the forum, and not for posting original or reply messages.

Hi Vivian -

Please don’t start a new thread that either duplicates or continues a different thread. Generally, it’s easier for others to help you if your new questions about something stay in the same context.
I’m closing this thread - please ask follow-up questions in the original thread.