Splitting curves and surfaces/polysurfaces in same operation

In the attached, if you run Split and select the objects on the “ToSplit” layer as objects to split - 2 intersecting boxes and 2 intersecting lines which also intersect the boxes - then the objects on the “Splitters” layer as objects to split with:

Result, the lines get split by the points and the boxes, but the boxes don’t get split by the intersection curve. The box can easily be split by the curve if you do not try to split the lines at the same time.

The curves/points on the “Splitters” layer are just the result of running Intersect on the two boxes and lines.

I tested this in the latest V5 and WIP, same thing. Can this be made to work better?


SplitFail.3dm (38.7 KB)

Hi Mitch -Yep, I see that, I’ll put it on the pile- this rings a faint bell, I have an idea this has come up before and, at the time, could not be fixed… but I may be making stuff up, I’ll buggify it.