Splitting curve

Please tell me how to combine these lines, as in the picture?
I am trying to achieve a chaotic surface pattern.
i used “shater” for splitting but no luck
1.gh (17.9 KB)


Capture 2

Internalize curve data first.


internalise.gh (18.2 KB)

Extrude white line and split the result surface with green line


the fact of the matter is that the green line still needs to be created like this)

You want join the green lines?

i can’t break these lines

like this? i don’t understand your definition and why you create lines than points than you want lines again?
Try use Dash pattern

internalise2.gh (24.2 KB)

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Thanks for your reply. I guess I need to revise my logic a little

Check this as well.

internalise_re.gh (24.2 KB)


Thanks HS_Kim
That’s what I was looking for

You have a chaotic model, that’s for sure! I see no point in randomly moving the seams? Flip Matrix after Shatter makes no sense to me?

I struggled for awhile, too long I see… I didn’t solve the issue of some of the gaps being too small so shortening either the top or bottom fragments to get sloped connectives fails. And I messed with loft methods before using @seghierkhaled’s suggestion of using the jagged line to split an extruded surface. This is still a mess, sorry.

splitting_crv_2020Sep13a.gh (22.7 KB)


Joseph, thanks a lot for your decision.
This also suits me very well, as does the HS_Kim solution

Actually, it works better than I thought with some parameter changes. I didn’t realize that some code modifications I made late in the process cover up (“fix”) the reasons it was failing earlier.

splitting_crv_2020Sep13a2.gh (24.1 KB)

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Yes, I have experimented with your algorithm, it works well,

Having a separate ‘Seed’ slider for each surface is flexible but not fully parametric so now the ‘numSrf’ slider also generates random seeds for each layer. A single ‘Seed’ slider (blue group) affects them all. And the two ‘Z’ sliders now work independently instead of being coupled…

splitting_crv_2020Sep13b.gh (22.8 KB)

It’s amusing to understand how the Extend Curve failures (shorten with negative values in this case, red component) are hidden by SrfSplit (green group). Serendipity, not planned.

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Thank you Joseph!
The script turned out to be quite flexible in configuration