Split Surface with multiple planes or curves

Hi, I am trying to split the whole surface with the planes or curves in each section of this building. But I am not sure which part of my script is wrong.W2-report.gh (13.0 KB)

Hi dowazura. Thank you for your reply. I have did what your photo showed but didnt recieve the same result. May I have your file if you do not mind. Thank you very much.

W2-report_re.gh (12.3 KB)

Thank u very much. I just came up with the things I want with ur help. Thank u very much.

W2-report.gh (17.3 KB)

you can also create one surface and use polar array

W2-2.gh (23.9 KB)

Relly helpful. Than u so much
Seghier khaled

Seghier khaled via McNeel Forum mcneel@discoursemail.com 于2019年3月4日周一 下午4:30写道:

note : you need to change rounding in “Number of Base points” to even numbers

Thank u very much for your reply. Really Helpled!

Thank you very much.