Split Mesh with Curves

Dear community,

I lost myself again in the computer, more specific in grasshopper.

What caused the problem

  1. Created a mesh from a tiff file. (I used Heron for this)
  2. From QGIS I used SHP files and converted them to 2D curves.

The problem
3. I want to cut the Mesh with the 2D curves. The example file is 0.1% of the whole map.

The question
A) How to create a 3d representation of the 2D curves?
B) How to make the file size and calculation as minimal as possible?

In the attachment I added the GH file that is describing all the points needed to create the mesh. I don’t know the last step, nor if I am taking the right route to optimize the calculation.

All the best,

split 3d mesh with 2d projection.gh (152.6 KB)

You can extrude the curves so they are higher than your mesh and convert them into simple meshes to split your mesh like this:

split 3d mesh with 2d projection.gh (154.5 KB)

PS: the curves contain duplicates


That was quick!

I just sorted out a solution, I use a patch in the end. I am going to test your solution as well. Although I am afraid it will make some invalid meshes, but lets see.

Will give an update soon! Thanks for the reply and help.

To give a bit a view on the size of the project:

split 3d mesh with 2d projection v2.gh (150.9 KB)

Well I’d say that is a rather complicated approach…

I agree :slight_smile:

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I have another problem of my model not getting loaded because of data type conversion fail. Can anyone help me in this?

Hi -
How is this question related to the rest of the thread?
A picture is nice but it will require a lot of guessing from the users on this forum. Always post your gh file with all Rhino geometry internalized.
Finally, is your question related to the Ladybug Tools? If that’s the case, please see https://discourse.ladybug.tools