Split mesh by curve via C# API?

I’m looking all over the documentation for the equivalent of the “SplitMeshWithCurve” command. I want to be able to call this from a Grasshopper component. The basic use-case is batch splitting of a mesh by many splitting curves.

The only alternative I can think of right now is to use RunScript to repeatedly call the command in Rhino…which is quite inconvenient. Given that the command is a multi-step operation (select mesh, select curve, etc) I don’t think it’s even possible to carry out operations in grasshopper via RunScript without some form of user-interaction in Rhino (the user would have to select the splitting curve). That’s not feasible for my use case because there are too many splitting curves and it would defeat the purpose of automation.

Is the code for SplitMeshWithCurve accessible somewhere that I could implement into my solution?


Hi @gruedisueli,

The functionality behind SplitMeshWithCurve is not exposed in the Rhino SDK. I know mesh intersections are being overhauled for Rhino 7, so perhaps we’ll see something available in an API in that release.


– Dale

@dale Thanks for your responsiveness on this issue!

Hi @gruedisueli

Mesh Intersection milestones are discussed on this page:



Giulio Piacentino
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Oh nice. Great to hear that this is a focus area for your development!

I have a Python script that does this. Would that be of any help? I should warn you that it is somewhat complicated, spanning several thousand lines of code. But it is super fast compared to Rhino’s Mesh Split command.


Thanks, @Terry_Chappell I think we’re set for now. But that’s very generous of you to offer!.

OK. Just let me know if you want to try it in the future.