Split list + average elements from a sublist


i have a list with 8760 values, I want to divide that list in 12 sublist, and then do an average of the values for each sublist. Could someone help me please?

i tried sublist, partition list (very ugly subindices at the right top) and I cannot get it

Assignment Thermal Comfort Module Shading.3dm (162.3 KB)
Assignment Thermal comfort Module Shading.gh (309.9 KB)


I could not open the file because your file was using a plugin.
How about [Average]?


Try to isolate (internalize) the data you want us to look at? Few will want to install your plugin.

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

hi thanks Joseph. what do you mean with this error? which are the name of the component? i dont know some of them yet. in the component with o’clock icon, which expression did you put? is the video the solution to the error or to the problem i asked for help? i am confused

thanks for your answer

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something like this should work:

Split_and_Average_List.gh (12.6 KB)

note that if you choose a list-size value that is not a proper divisor of the total amount of items, this will be reflected in the last branch after Partition List:

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I am confused by your reply. The error message I posted is what anyone without the ClimateStudioGH plugin installed sees when opening your file.

The video is from suggestion #3 on this page:

understood. thanks guys and apologise for my errors