Split curves with curves

Hello All,

I have a set of curves:

I want to use the blue curves here to split the red curve, and then remove the cut parts so it will look like this:

here’s what I’m doing at the moment (which feels like lots of work for such a simple operation)

so I’m able to cull the cut parts, but what I get right now with this component is only the cut parts:

would like to reverse the last component so I can bake only the parts I want to keep, which will be these curves:

how can I do this?
splitcurveswithcurves.gh (7.8 KB)

thank you all!

You can get both for the price of a single component !

(you could also right clic > Invert your Pattern input)

splitcurveswithcurves.gh (11.1 KB)

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simple, beautiful, thanks a lot!

You don’t need extend curve and you can avoid offset

splitcurveswithcurves.gh (7.9 KB)

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Nice circle trick !

Just for fun :

(No, I won’t remove that Merge to get down to one component :joy: !!!)