Split brep creates a valid and an invalid brep

Hi, I was trying to split a volume with a simple planar surface. I was expecting to get 2 valid open parts to be caped (I miss a boolean split command in gh). But instead the result is a open brep and a invalid brep. Seems to be a bug? Any idea to work around?

Hi Rindi -

We’ll need the gh file to be able to attempt finding out what is going on here…

Hi Wim

here you go with the sample file.
sample_failing_brep_split.gh (2.2 MB)

using the split command in gh the operation ends in one valid and one invalid brep.
By the way a boolean split command in gh would be great - does that exist somewhere?

The cutting surface nicely intersects the tongue, but what happens on the rest of the boot is problematic. Partial intersections cause issues, this leads to the invalid brep in your definition. A simple solution is to create a section first and use the only closed curve to split the boot. The result are two closed breps.

brep_split.gh (2.2 MB)

ok, thanks!

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