Spectacular crash

Well, I had not thought it was still possible in this day and age, but Rhino (V6) just crashed my entire computer… No response from anything, no mouse or keyboard or switching programs. Heard the fans spinning up, but couldn’t even open task manager to see. Finally had to just press the reset button. Was just placing a text block at the time. Obviously no crash report… :confounded:

Ugh. So… the text dialog was still open - you were typing in there, clicked OK and Rhino went to ‘get point’ mode but the dialog was still open, is what it looks like…?



A real example to my (sort of) request long time ago with 0 replies:

I don’t think this was a running out of memory issue…

It have had most definitely been exactly that.

When the CPU is overloaded windows responds well there’s no problems using the mouse. But when the ram is overloaded nothing works.

Rhino has to be developed to detect the max physical ram available, and leave 5-10% to windows if more memory is needed it should start buffering in the page file(s). My processor is old but still quad core. 16 gb ram and geforce1060 with 6gb dedicated ram. Still when I try to render with Raytraced high res images I am unable to watch a movie without glitches at the same time. It is due to the ram overload not cpu nor gpu.

Nah, don’t think so. File only had a few lines in it, maybe 1 Mb or so. Rhino only uses about 250 mb of ram under those conditions, and the computer has 32 gigs. The crash was instantaneous. Something caused the OS to go boom, maybe some sort of memory access violation, infinite loop, buffer overflow, who knows…