[Stability Issue] Suggestions on alternative way of launching Rhino 6 when crash may be imminent?


I’ve been doing some performance testing of Rhino6, mainly by loading and arraying big models to see what is the limit.

Alas, it turns out Rhino6 is sucking up the whole RAM (I have 16GB), even though CPU is working on low percentages the whole machine hangs instead of just Rhino.

Yesterday I had difficulties to even restart the PC even after I succeeded in ending Rhino process. I believe this is a stability issue. Rhino should be allowed to crash but keep Windows running. I wasn’t able to move the mouse let alone use keyboard shortcuts.

Is there some mode/argument I can put in Rhino shortcut to run it differently or use Python or CMD or limit its RAM usage? So I am capable of closing its process quickly when things start to go south?

Does Rhino even use pagefiles?

Thanks in advance.