Special text fields not replaced by DWG export

Hi everybody,

I recently noticed that by exporting/save a Rhino file to DWG, the special text fields are not replaced by their values (see screenshots below).

Let say I create one special text field, referring to an object and which display its name (“Cube”):

When I export these objects to DWG and re-open it, the text displays now the special text string:

I use special texts a lot for drawings title blocks relating to DocumentText values. As I want to transfer these drawings to clients as DWG, the title blocks become also awful/useless.

Is there a trick to bypass this limitation?
Is it planned to add a feature (maybe coming versions), that store special texts values as “static” whenever text is exported?

Thank you in advance for your support.

Hello - I do not get what you show but I do not get the ‘correct’ text either

I’ll add this to the list - I’m not sure how hard or easy that might be to fix - meantime it may be possible to temporarily convert ‘fX’ text to the evaluated text and then undo after exporting… I’ll see if I can figure out a way.



Hi Pascal,

Thank you for your reply.
Out of curiosity, I tried again with v5, where it seems to work as expected: the fx-text evaluated value is exported instead of the %<…>% string.

Please see files attached: fx text.zip (68.9 KB)

ok! Interesting - that would be good news… maybe just an oversight in V6 then. Indeed, confirmed, it is a regression - thanks!