TEXT FIELDS are exported to DWG as TRUNCATED plain text

Hi all!

I am getting some issues when exporting a file containing some text fields, FileName and Path in my case, to DWG.
Not tested yet if this happens with other Text fields as well.
Anybody experiencing this?

@pascal looks like something similar happened already here and here

The field are converted to text but some letters are omitted.

I tested with a standard template file and standard annotation style.
please find attached screenshots and sample files

Thank you!

Rhino original file

DWG exported file

Sample files:
Large Objects - Millimeters.dwg (27.3 KB)
Large Objects - Millimeters.3dm (32.5 KB)

Hi Luca -

The backslash character is often used as an escape character and it looks like this will need to be special-cased.
RH-76727 File IO: Export backslash to DWG

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