Spatial Adjacency Definition


I am looking to do something similar to: LMNts (](Grasshopper Space Planner | LMNts) as part of my Master Thesis but can not find the definitions on the site despite them previously being available. I wondered if anyone knew where to access them or indeed had any advice to help support the generation of my building programme through excel parameters.

My intentions are to then use the output from this definition into Wallacei before assessing design optimisation.

Any support / advice would be greatly appreciated.


What they call a “graphic programming” tool is basically a very non-graphical, abstract workflow that reads in spreadsheet data and produces sized boxes in a two-dimensional grid from it.
All of this can be done with Vanilla grasshopper component, minus reading in the Excel data for which you can use plugi-ins (cf. LunchBox, TT Toolbox).

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Hey, thanks so much for taking the time to respond.

I shall take a look at Vanilla… One of the issues i am currently encountering is that i am unable to to install TT Toolbox / GhExcel plug-ins as i am using Rhino 7.0

Do you have any advice in that respect or am i just making a basic error during install?

Thanks once again!

Have you tried LunchBox instead?

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Most of the Excel plugins are not that great, because they require Excel to be open, ie. they require an Excel license.

Check out Bookworm to read Google Sheets: GitHub - max-malein/BookWorm

Or the new Mallard plugin to use with Airtable: Mallard | Food4Rhino

That in my mind makes more sense and makes the definition more portable than using proprietary Excel files. At least go for .csv files.


Thanks, i am going to have a go with lunchbox now, i thankfully have managed to get TT Toolbox installed and the definition, after a few minor tweaks, now appears to be working which i am delighted about… The plans is to use Wallacei next to do permutations of a design concept based on adjacencies / multiparameter optimisation… I am at the beginning of the journey but thankfully now i am almost ready for that stage where i will no doubt have lots more questions! Thanks again for your support.

Thank you much,… these are interesting alternatives, i now have tt toolbox installed and working but i will require my data to be more mobile as i work towards adding in new definitions and more interoperability so i will look at mallard and bookworm as you have suggested.

I really appreciate your support, so thank you!