SpaceMouse Borked In 7.0.20035.14285

Does anyone know what happened to the SpaceMouse in latest WIP? I didn’t see anything in release notes, but I know not everything gets listed.

I was eager to try the gumball and flow enhancements, but the WIP is unusable. I have way too much muscle memory built around this stupid thing. I restored my xml config from a backup, but that did nothing. None of my axis mappings are right.

Something in the latest WIP caused the 3DxService to say that my config was invalid and overwrote my RhinoFS.xml config file with stock settings. I manually entered them through the 3Dx GUI and it works again.

This felt like a driver issue. I’ve been using the same axis layout since R4 and have had to deal with this during major driver version updates. But I just installed the WIP, and all the date modified timestamps in the 3Dx driver folder show the last change in Sept 2019. It’s the same version I’ve been using.