Spacebar and enter doesn't work

… in this dialog box. You have to click “apply.”
There are other dialog boxes also with the same ‘handicap.’


i agree very much, a way to apply the text without having to navigate the mouse to that button would be good. enter and space are of course bound for the in text navigation, but the current implementation distracts from the usual work flow but most of all makes working fast very tedious. mouse clicks are slow…

a suggestion from my side would be to either to use alt-enter for “apply” in this instance here or maybe better which is also used in other applications such as even facebook to use alt-enter for moving into the next line without completing or sending and have enter and space function as usual to complete the command.

i would really love to edit the text directly in the viewport without having to navigate to an extra pop up which is totally not WYSIWYG maybe even being able to format lines and words individually within one text block.

True… but the way this dialog box ‘works’ is different from most other dialog boxes, where you can use spacebar as enter, which is why…

…I agree with this. ‘Apply’ could be just clicking in some empty space in the viewport.



now that would make working with text in Rhino carefree! or pressing esc like many other applications dealing with text. i dont even have enough thumbs to state how great that would be.


So, if you in the Edit Text dialog - and you are typing “Sibelius Academy” and you want “Main Entrance” on a second line, like this:

Sibelius Academy
Main Entrance

would you type fn+enter between “Sibelius Academy” and “Main Entrance”?

Or are you proposing that you’d have to be out of the Text Entry field for space and enter to complete the command?

Ok, after thinking about this a bit more… It feels strange to have this dialog box work differently than all other dialog boxes. Enter and spacebar should of course work normally when writing text (I don’t like the idea of having to use an additional key + enter or space), but when the cursor is outside the text entry field enter and spacebar could/should apply the changes and close the dialog box. Or we could just left click outside the box to apply changes. Would that be possible?


This statement:

seems to conflict with this one:

but when the cursor is outside the text entry field enter and spacebar could/should apply the changes and close the dialog box.

But I believe that is beside the point, to a degree. I understand what you are proposing, I think.

I believe we should strive as much as possible to have consistent behavior between the dialogs, except when we can’t; or shouldn’t. How’s that for contradictory? :wink:

If I’m understanding your second proposal clearly - and I believe I am - I believe I would expect many reports of people attempting to create a CR LF, but not able to do so because the dialog closes (because they don’t know they have to have their mouse in the “correct” location).

I would be hesitant to make this change. @Alain may see this from a different angle than I do.

You’re right, yes… Just thinking out loud and trying to figure out a way to make text editing easier.

I was going to say that AutoCAD has a simpler way of doing this, but I haven’t used ACAD in a couple of yers (thankfully), so I don’t quite remember how it worked… But IIRC ACAD doesn’t have a dialog box - you’re able to edit text in the viewport and left click somewhere outside the text to apply the changes. I just didn’t want to mention ACAD, but perhaps mentioning it will give you an idea - if you’re familiar with the program.

That’s probably true also. That wasn’t such a good suggestion after all…


No problem! Personally, I only get worried when the feedback stops. Please keep it coming.