Sound to Geometry - Kangaroo Wave-like Deformation

Good evening to all of you,

For my bachelor thesis i’m trying to create space from sound. I “translated” different aspects of the sound such as frequency, volume and dynamic into parametres of a ball, such as mass, size and angle. Each musician and tone is represented by a ball. while playing each tone the balls are shoot towards my head (represented by a ball as well). When they hit my head, it gets transform by each tone.


  1. I would like the transformation to be like a drop of water dropping into a basin. If it would be like this, all the tones would affect each other. This happening a deep bass tone would vibrate so much, that a higher lighter tone would be less affective.

  2. It would be great, if the balls would disappear after affecting my head. Like a drop of water disappears in the basin it drops into.

I have attached some fotos, of how my result looks at the moment and of course the grasshopper file. I would appreciate some ideas for continueing this work. Thanks in advance.

@DanielPiker (53.0 KB)