Sorting Start and End Points of Lines

I have been trying to figure out how to sort the start and end points of my curves. I basically want to select all the topmost points of these curves. A little context: each curve is generated by intersecting two planar surfaces. I’ll be repeating this process across multiple set of such curves so need to automate this sorting of the endpoints. In the GH file, I grouped all the relevant components in red. (135.8 KB)

Hi, Pri.

You can try with " Flip Curve " component, in Curve input connect all your curves and in Guide you need a curve to match all the others, maybe you can use the first curve in the list to match all your curves.

Please check your uploaded file, maybe there something miss.
I opened your file and i’m not in your situation, I can’t see any geometry in rhino viewport.

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Should work now if you select the two components grouped in red so only those are displayed. I just realized I had my geometry set far from the origin so you couldn’t see it right away. Fixed that.

How would I set “Flip Curve” to work selectively in each instance? Also, right now I am just doing it to one row of curves. When I repeat this process across rows, I cannot ensure that the first curve of each row would have its starting point set at the top, so I don’t know if it’ll work correctly in the other instances. (135.8 KB)

Please look closely at the white group in this image:

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You can try this if it’s good for you. (139.6 KB)

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That’s incredible, thank you!

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The BBX fixed the jumbled start and endpoints without having to deconstruct the curves. So neat! Thank you for your suggestion.

I don’t see it that way. Flip Curve is what fixed the jumbled start and end points created by BBX.